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Visit for the official site of Utah Wheelchair Lacrosse and the most up to date information.

History of Wheelchair Lacrosse

Ryan Baker and Bill Lundstrom met in San Diego in 2008. They were both athletes—they skied, played golf, competed in tennis, and participated in wheelchair races. Both men also had a desire to play a team sport, but were not satisfied with the typical options for athletes with disabilities. So they got some used lacrosse sticks and gear and gave it a try. They soon had several players coming out to throw the ball around and WLUSA was born. Ryan and Bill hosted the first wheelchair lacrosse camp in 2010 and spent much of the next decade traveling the country to grow the game.

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Interested in Pick up Games?

Fill out this form (click here) to get on the Wheelchair Lacrosse Email List for Utah

Check out the Wheelchair Lacrosse USA page here.

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Hey There

Come join us at Copperview Recreation Center (8446 Harrison St, Midvale, UT 84047) We play on the following dates from 1-4pm:

September 17, 2022

Also check out our Facebook page here.

If you need a wheelchair or other equipment, please each out to Matt Bowen before coming as equipment is limited.


Phone: 801-884-9487

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